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Fibre Bragg Grating sensors are recorded within the core of a single mode optical fibre, just 9 microns in diameter. Together with the outer cladding and a protective polymer coating, these fiber sensors are truly miniature, generally just 0.15 or 0.25 mm in diameter. For many strain-sensing applications it is practical and appropriate to simply embed or attach these unpackaged SmartFBG sensors within or to the structure under test.

For many other applications alternative sensor constructions are required, for instance to provide a more robust sensor, to provide a sensor with a more distributed strain response, or to offer measurement of other parameters such as temperature, pressure etc. Smart Fibres have developed a range of "Smart" FBG sensors to suit a multitude of applications.

Sensors in development or production


Fiber Bragg Grating SmartFBG
SmartFBG An unpackaged FBG sensor supplied in a single mode optical fibre for strain and temperature measurements. Suitable for very low intrusion surface mounting, FRP composite embedment, or packaging into an FBG transducer. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartPatch
SmartPatch A convenient, robust strain/temperature sensor supplied as a flexible FRP patch. Available singly or in arrays, SmartPatch is a sensor suitable for bonding to the surface of a structure. Applications include yacht masts and hulls, wind turbine blades and FRP and concrete bridges. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartWeld
SmartWeld A tough, weldable fiber optic strain sensor designed to be attached to bridges, offshore structures, buildings, cranes, construction, mining and other heavy machinery and structures that are prone to experience harsh environmental conditions. Available individually or as part of an array. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartTape SmartTape A strain/temperature sensor supplied within a veil cloth suitable for embedment within FRP composites or surface bonding with minimal intrusion. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartPort
SmartPort A low profile, fibre optic P/T gauge for distributed pressure sensing in hydrocarbon wells and other extreme harsh environments.

datasheet video

 Fiber Bragg Grating SmartLink SmartLink A rugged, low profile connection system for linking multiple SmartPort or SmartCell P/T gauges into a sensor string prior to downhole deployment. Also applicable to other distributed downhole fibre optic systems. datasheet

Fiber Bragg Grating SmartPB

SmartPB A DPS surface accessory to make a high-pressure seal around the fibres within a downhole sensing cable exiting a wellhead. Provides the operator with reassurance of well integrity in the event of a downhole cable leak. Also suitable for other fibre optic sensing technologies such as DTS and DAS. datasheet

 Fiber Bragg Grating SmartFlow

SmartFlow A fibre optic flow meter based on the Vortex Shedding principle. Can be used for low cost steam flow and steam quality measurement. A joint development between TNO Netherlands and Smart Fibres. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartBar
SmartBar A robust optical fiber strain sensors encased within a range of long gauge length steel packages to suit many applications. SmartBar is ideal for the measurement of internal tension, compression and loading of inhomogeneous materials such as concrete datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartTemp
SmartTemp A temperature sensor available in three styles, a miniature package for embedding within composites, an isolated coupon style and a design based upon a FBG mounted in a loose tube for strain-isolation. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartAccel-LF SmartAccel-LF A single axis FBG acceleration sensor, suitable for the measurement of low frequency vibrations. Ideal for the measurement of structural responses to dynamic stimuli, for instance buildings during earthquakes. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartAccel-HF SmartAccel-HF A single axis FBG acceleration sensor, suitable for the measurement of high frequency vibrations. Ideal for condition monitoring of rotating machines such as pumps, turbines, motors and wheeled vehicles.  datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartBridge SmartBridge A fibre Bragg grating displacement sensor that is ideal for monitoring structural movements in one-axis, e.g. relative movement between concrete bridge deck panels, or crack growth monitoring in ancient monuments. datasheet
Fiber Bragg Grating SmartRod SmartRod A FBG sensor array in a pultruded composite rod for the measurement of curvature, tension, torsion and compression. SmartRod can be attached to the surface of a structure or embedded. Applications include tunnels and buildings, riser pipes and road pavements. datasheet