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Our technology solutions are built around the highly accurate measurement of physical parameters using a type of optical sensor called the fibre Bragg grating (FBG). From its principal measurands of temperature and strain, the FBG allows numerous other parameters to be measured such as pressure, load, acceleration, displacement and shape.

This sensor has some unique differentiating features from conventional electrical sensing technologies that give FBG sensing systems clear technical advantages for certain niche and, increasingly, volume measurement requirements.

An FBG Sensing System comprises three discrete sub-systems:

i) A network of fibre Bragg grating sensors or transducers embedded within or attached to the structural components being monitored

ii) An optoelectronic Interrogator, a unit which illuminates the sensor network and records the optical reflection from each discrete sensor

iii) A Processing Unit, often simply a PC, which takes recorded data from the interrogator and performs further data processing, user interfacing, data transmission and storage functions.

The technology of fibre Bragg grating sensors and the instrumentation required to interrogate them are described further on the menu subpages.