SBI Processing Module

Provides PC 104 connection to the SmartScan Single Board Interrogator so as to run software routines for setting-up the SBI, reading the high-speed FBG wavelength data across the PC 104 bus, and packaging the received data for processing or onward communication.

The SBI PM is typically supplied together with a SmartScan SBI and a software development kit (SDK) for OEM customers to develop their own software. The SDK comprises of a linux kernel, driver and root file-system (compatible with the SBI PM), and a documented library of C functions for interacting with the kernel driver.

The connection between the SBI PM and an HMI or other system would typically be developed by the OEM customer. On request, Smart Fibres can provide software support services to assist programmers utilising the Processing Module.

  • PC104 single board computer
  • Aids OEM integration of the SmartScan Single Board FBG Interrogator
  • Compatible with SmartScan SBI software development kit
  • Low cost

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FAQ. What is the warranty period for Smart Fibres' interrogators?

All of our fibre optic interrogators come with a standard one year warranty. This warranty can be increased on a year by year basis. Extended warranty is available at the time of initial purchase on request.