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Since its formation in 1995, Smart Fibres has been involved in numerous Collaborative Research and Development projects to ensure that its technology and applications engineering skills are second to none.

Below you will find a list of these projects, completed and underway, with links to further information:

2013-2017 'ASHLEY' Avionics Systems Hosted on a Distributed Modular Electronics Large Scale Demonstrator for Multiple Types of Aircraft 
2011-2013 'AUSTIN' Aerospace Universal Optical Interrogator 
2010-2012 'MACH' Monitoring of Aircraft Component Health
2009-2011 'WellPOWER' Wellhole Pressure monitoring with Optical Waveguide sensors for Enhanced Recovery
2008-2011 'Imajine' Innovative Multi-Materials Jointing Integrity Engineering
2006-2011 'UpWind'
2005-2008 'Bruisable Composites'
2002-2005  'AIMS' Affordable Integrated Monitoring Systems  
2002-2004 'NPL Studio FOS'  
2001-2005  'HULLMOS-II' Hull Monitoring System  
2001-2004 'OFSTUNN' Optical Fibre Sensors For Remote Tunnel Displacement Monitoring
2000-2007  'AHMOS' - Active Health Monitoring of Structures  
2000-2003  'OSSHM' - Optical Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring  
1996-1998 'MAST' - Maritime Applications of Smart Structures Technology