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Since the 1990's, Smart Fibres has been active with pioneering projects to introduce optical fiber sensing systems to many application areas. This work continues, both under our direct control, and through our growing network of international partners. A selection of our more notable project references is made below. Click on a reference of interest for more information (as available).


Pressure/temperature monitoring of CCS wells (JP, 2015)
Distributed pressure sensing for wellbore fluid level monitoring (OM, 2014)
Wellhole pressure/temperature sensing (AE, 2013)
Wellhole pressure/temperature sensing (US, 2013)
Flexible riser monitoring (NO, 2013-)
Pipeline composite repair monitoring (AU, 2013)
HPHT distributed pressure sensing system development (UK, 2013-)
Steam flowmeter development and qualification (NL, 2013)
Condition monitoring of subsea processing equipment (NO, 2013-)

Flexible riser monitoring case study (DK, 2012~)
Thrust bearing loads monitoring in a subsea twin-screw pump (DE, 2012)
Multi-parameter condition monitoring of an ESP during in-well testing (US, 2012)
Multi-parameter sensing of electric submersible pump (US, 2011)
Multi-drop downhole P/T sensing (CG, 2010-2011)
Wellhole pressure/temperature sensing (AE, 2009)
Multi-drop downhole P/T sensing (OM, 2008-2015)
Development of condition monitoring for subsea pump (US, 2007-2010)
Gas pipeline SHM (IT, 2006)
Composite riser pipe monitoring (US/NO, 2004)
Flexible riser VIV and fatigue life analysis (FR, 2003)
Oil well drilling instrumentation (KW, 2001)

Composite pipe pressure testing (NL, 2001)
Gas pipeline strain monitoring (GB, 2000)
Pipeline composite repair patch monitoring (GB, 1999)

Renewable Energy
WTG blade monitoring and independent pitch control system (NO, 2014)
WTG blade monitoring and independent pitch control system (NL, 2014) 
Tidal energy generator monitoring (NO, 2013) 
Wind turbine condition monitoring (CN, 2011)
Wind turbine condition monitoring and ice detection (FI, 2010-2011)
Wind turbine condition monitoring and ice detection (FR, 2010-2011)
Tidal turbine SHM (GB, 2009)
Wind turbine monitoring and control (NL, 2006-2011)
Tidal turbine SHM (GB, 2005)
WEC rotorblade monitoring and control (ES, 2005)
Wind turbine blade monitoring and control (DE, 2001-2004)
WTG blade condition monitoring system (NL, 2001-2003)



Military & Aerospace
Modular avionics system demonstrator for multiple aircraft type (EU, 2013-2016)
Development of an aerospace universal optical interrogator (GB, 2012-)

Development of a fibre laser acoustic emission monitoring system (GB, 2010-2012)
Dynamic load sensing for head injury trials (GB, 2010-2011)
Inflight SHM on Nishant UAV (IN, IL, 2010)
UAV composite SHM development (US, 2010)
Hazardous storage vessel condition monitoring (GB, 2010)
Executive jet airframe SHM development (US, 2010)
Aircraft composites curing monitoring (GB, 2009)
Composite analysis in high-G centrifuge (GB, 2006)
Aircraft HUMS development: AHMOS II (EU, 2004-2007)
Space telescope cryogenic monitoring (GB, 2005)
Aircraft HUMS flight trials; AHMOSII (EU, 2005)
Arianne rocket launcher composite testing (CH, 2003-2005)
CRFP rocket fuel container testing (-, 2003)
Aircraft HUMS development: AHMOS (EU, 2000-2003)

Civil Engineering & Infrastructure
Condition monitoring of railway infrastructure (AE, 2013)
Earthquake monitoring in school buildings (GR, 2008)

Motorway bridge SHM (GB, 2007)
Ground anchor instrumentation (ES, 2006)
Composite road bridge SHM (GB, 2006)
Road bridge SHM (DE, 2005)
Road bridge pier monitoring (MY, 2005)
Concrete diaphragm wall deformation monitoring (FR, 2005)
Steel railway bridge SHM (GR, 2005)
SmartBar concrete sensor qualification (SG, 2005)
High-rise buildings concrete column SHM (SG, 2004-2005)
Road tunnel deformation monitoring (ES, 2005)
Diaphragm wall deformation monitoring (GB, 2004)
Airport terminal (SG, 2004)
Dockside structure health monitoring (SG, 2004)
Road pavement monitoring (GB, 2002-2004)
FRP bridge deck bend testing (US, 2001)
Concrete shear wall destructive testing (US, 2001)
Cantilever footbridge SHM (GB, 2000)
Rail weigh-in-motion (GB, 1999)
Composite rooflight testing (GB, 1999)

Stress monitoring of LNGC under towing (KR, 2010)
Oil tanker hull monitoring (KR, 2008)
Racing yacht instrumentation (SE, 2007)
Americas Cup yacht Instrumentation (IT, 2006)
Ship stabilisation feedback control (GB, 2006)
LNG carrier cargo containment system monitoring (Fr, 2005-2008)
Smart composite hull development (FI, 2005)
Americas Cup yacht instrumentation (IT, 2006)
Ship hull monitoring (SE, 2005)
Americas Cup yacht mast, boom, hull and rudder (IT, 2001)
Yacht sailcloth tensile testing (GB, 2000)
Beneteau 42s7 mast monitoring (GB, 2000)
Superyacht mast and boom strain sensing (GB, 1998)

Vehicle tire monitoring  (IT, 2015)
In-vivo temperature sensing for heart surgery (US, 2009-)
Power cable strain sensing (IT, 2007)
Power transformer hot-spot monitoring (IT, 2006)
Bulk moving equipment (GB, 2004)
Industrial sheet metal rolling flatness control (GB, 2003)
Vehicle suspension measurements (GB, 2000)