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Motor Racing

Motor racing vehicles are highly instrumented, providing the vehicle designers and race engineers` constant information to improve the design and optimise the set-up of their vehicles to gain vital second over their competition. As is the case in the aerospace industry, keeping weight down is a constant battle for motor racing engineers. Optical fibre sensing has now been recognised as providing a key advantage in the battle for saving weight of instrumentation, particularly through dense multiplexing, whereby one single instrument can be used to measure dozens of sensors, and through the huge reduction in weight of fibre optic sensing cables compared with their electrical equivalents. Another aerospace exploited benefit of optical fibre sensing that can be applied in the motor racing industry is the ability to internally monitor the condition of the composite materials generally selected for their performance to weight ratio. With its high speed, miniature, low-mass instrumentation and numerous FBG sensor solutions, Smart Fibres' optical fibre sensing systems are finding increasing application in this demanding and exciting industry.

Ocean Racing

Performance ocean racing is another area having much similarity with the aerospace industry, whereby composites are used to deliver maximum performance at a minimum of weight. Smart Fibres, since its early days, has been instrumental in providing monitoring solutions to the ocean racing industry. Our numerous solutions deployed include the monitoring of masts, booms, daggerboards, keels, hulls and rudders, helping to optimise some of the world's most impressive, high-performance ocean racing vessels.