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Smart Fibres has been developing FBG interrogators for over fifteen years – we launched our first product OFSSS1 in 1999 and it set the standard for the FBG instrumentation market to follow. Today, our interrogators continue to set the standard. They exploit the significant investment made by the telecoms industry in broad wavelength electronically tuneable lasers. These devices are rigorously qualified to Telcordia standards for a 25 year life, and are in high volume production with several manufacturers. Smart Fibres has developed high-speed custom electronics for tuning these lasers, as well as for detecting and processing the returning signals from the FBG sensors. The result is a range of highly robust instruments with staggering measurement performance.


Example dataset from Smartscan

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Together with low pricing resulting from the use of 100% off-the-shelf telecoms components, our interrogators have a price/performance ratio demanded by industry and unrivalled by competing technologies. Below are our standard instrument models. Please contact us for your custom requirements, or keep checking back as our new products are released.

Interrogation Systems for Explosive Atmospheres. ATEX certified versions of our Interrogators are available, view our ATEX certificate
Certification for other world regions available on request.

Fiber Bragg Grating SmartScan FBG Interrogator



A high-speed interrogator for dynamic measurements or, using its on board averaging, for ultra-high-resolution quasi-static measurements.



Fiber Bragg Grating SmartScan Aero FBG Interrogator

SmartScan Aero

A repackaged variant of SmartScan offering extended thermal and environmental protection. Suitable for aerospace flight or other harsh environment applications.


SmartScan Aero Mini FBG interrogator

SmartScan Aero Mini

A miniaturised variant of SmartScan suitable for aerospace flight or other harsh environment applications.



Fiber Bragg Grating SmartScan SBI FBG Interrogator

SmartScan SBI

A Complete Single Board FBG Interrogator offering SmartScan’s high performance dynamic FBG measurement capability on an OEM module suitable for integration into customer measurement systems.


 Fiber Bragg Grating Processing Module

Processing Module for SmartScan SBI

A convenient PC104 format processing module compatible with the SmartScan SBI. Provides an interface to the SBI from an external PC in order to explore the capabilities of the SBI prior to embarking on system integration tasks.


Fiber Bragg Grating Modular SmartScan FBG Interrogator

Modular SmartScan 

A rack mounted variant of SmartScan offering up to 16 channels and an 80 nm wavelength range for large sensor network interrogation.


Fiber Bragg Grating SmartScope FBG Interrogator


Building on the success of SmartScan, SmartScope offers superior performance in terms of accuracy and resolution for demanding FBG applications.


Fiber Bragg Grating SmartSonic


In Development. Quasi distributed acoustic sensing system.

A new optical instrumentation development offering acoustic sensing with performance and price improvements over Rayleigh backscatter or fibre laser based systems. Addresses numerous applications including pipeline monitoring, flow assurance and acoustic emission crack detection.


All of our interrogators are supplied with Smart Fibres' extensive applications engineering expertise and product support. Our standard version SmartSoft application software is included with every instrument for no additional cost.