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Oct 2015 Commercial Deployment of Innovative Fluid Contact Monitoring System

Smart Fibres is pleased to announce successful commercial deployment of its permanent downhole distributed pressure sensing for Fluid Contact Monitoring (FCM) system. The deployment follows on several years of successful field trials with Petroleum Development Oman and Shell.

The system was developed by Smart Fibres under a joint project with Shell and Petroleum Development Oman and has recently graduated Shell’s final technology readiness level.

The FCM system comprises an array of optical pressure gauges installed inside fluid storage vessels or downhole observation wells which measure the density of the media in the well between adjacent gauges. Using intelligent data processing, the fluid contacts in the well are derived. The tool can provide real time monitoring of fluid contact levels in (static) oil wells and assist in enhanced oil recovery from certain assets.

The same DPS technology is also available for other downhole applications including production monitoring and fluid offtake monitoring in pumped wells.

 “Shell’s unwavering support of our distributed pressure sensing technologies over the past 10 years has been tremendously valuable,” says Smart Fibres CEO Chris Staveley. “Graduating Shell’s final technology readiness level was an important milestone for us and demonstrates the technology is commercially mature and poised to deliver value.”

An overview of the DPS technology is available at:
A datasheet of the FCM system is available at:

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